Page 14 is not good enough ; – Randy. They call up and say they have a problem with their printer. I have a HP with the same symptoms Pink Printout I soaked the cartridge head twice and behold it worked!!! The blue was harder to get working then the black. You saved me a lot of money and frustration! Same problem, HP printer.

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Ran across this site, tried the soak thing on the old cartridge, whadya know Did you ever figure out the problem? When Prknt Sets are created, all of the current driver settings are saved. I had inserted a fresh cartridge when the cyan stopped printing, thinking that the half-used cartridge had a problem.

HP Deskjet 1220c and 1180c Professional Series Printer – Printing Internal Tests

I tossed the old cartridge — it was sooooo old I just didn’t want to bother with it. I use it for Photos and blue prints all the time! Oh yea, about the part where you should rinse out the ink trap. If everyone returns their faulty cartridges, maybe HP will get the idea.


Your coffee mug method even works on old HP 17 cartridges for the c in France no less. All internal test pages can be printed without being connected to a computer. The print nozzles may be plugged, i.

HP DeskJet c/ps Specs – CNET

Next thing prinh know the manufacturers will have to put health warnings on cartridges. Next day, though, only a little pink was present and that along the edges. I will never doubt you again: Soaked the cartridge head in hot water, and made sure that all three colors will bleed out of the head 4.

If i can get the printer to print it will start printing prinf all colors them it gloriously fades to black and white. You want to make sure the water is running down the little silver square on the bottom. Printer says its unusable and damaged.

My C was on its way to the curb. I did the hot water soak on my caritages heads, and BANG the sucker works.

I can’t believe it. Screw HP the bunch of pricks i aint buying another one again. I lost cyan first then yellow.

I located the site with the directions for resetting from a link from a forum on this site. Someone’s in line for some kind of Nobel prize here. HI where are the drive settings located? Cleaned the cartridge contacts with an eraser 5.


To be fair, although my cartridge was new out of the box, it had an old “install pirnt date Here’s the link for anyone else in the same boat:. Either way, I got cyan back and yellow too, so I’m happy!

Let’s make HP pay for all these bad cartridges! The reps try and offer pribt a discount on a new model. My god she’s a genius. I then put pprint in the freezer for about 10 minutes to fully cool it off.

Monarch, 99 to x mm 3. When the document is ready to print, select File and Print from within a software application. It’s not about consumer satisfaction anymore, it’s about making a printer as cheaply as possible in order to sell the expensive ink or toner.