Back in England in the late 70s, there were three channels. It seemed like every other song was about space and stuff. Whats the concept behind Magnetic Morning? Support your local record store but also support your local green grocer! So today someone can have a Sinatra song, next to a Swervedriver song, next to a Filmschool song on his iPod and it would make sense to him in his head.

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We’re sifting franklln them at the minute but there’s about 20, maybe even 25 at the minute. But there is so much stuff it’s really difficult to find something good at the best of times. And we used to demo stuff down there with Marc Waterman.

The Feedback Society | » Interview: Swervedriver’s Adam Franklin

But as far as Brazil is concerned – we’d love to! Yeah, it was surprising to hear all the solos.

Somehow… on the demos Frqnklin liked it, then in the studio it seemed forced. It sounded quite different to what Motorhead became. I had these two songs and I really wanted to do something with them but I wasn’t sure what. I should say also, there were some really great engineers on that. Because you see certain things appear regularly on your Facebook timeline you assume they’re quite big but that’s because you’re friends with people that have similar tastes.


Sonic Wave Discs Format: We did it in Australia and then I think a couple of shows in the UK as well. That was also a mess. Highwire Daze magazine mail order information: So hearing Space is Deep by Hawkwind … we would sit down and stare at the record going round and round as we swervedrkver to it — at five years old!

Adam Franklin – Wikipedia

Swervedriver always gets talked about in the shoegaze thing. Basically, I mean, Danny Ingram was up for being in the band as well, and we were quite keen to keep him on, but when Adi left, it seemed ludicrous because Danny was living in D.

And you watched Top of the Pops and T. There are certainly things Adn come up with which the guys in Swervedriver would never go for — which makes things easier!

Adam Franklin

In terms of performing as a band, was it like putting on an old pair of jeans? And then Ley put down various bass parts and various piano and odds and ends. There are parts or sounds that we don’t ever play the same twice but generally we’re pretty true to the recordings of course. Goodnight Records Insound Amazon Digital: Andd we kept him all the way to the last album.


I said there was a frranklin that I liked the look of, the name escapes me but it creates this kind of like a Syd Barrett kind of sound. In September of Swervedriver will return to the States for a short tour where they will perform Raise and revered follow-up Mezcal Head from beginning to end, treating qnd to songs swerverdiver heard live before or in many years.

We love going around the world and playing places we’ve never played before, like South America last year in Brazil and Chile.

Well, this was just for a few songs, near the end of 99th Dream. That song became very popular, and it was ten minutes long and somehow that was the copy I bought.

FCJ Interview: Adam Franklin of Swervedriver

That was really good the way that worked out. Where do we sign?

Well it’s been great! Did you change the chords, because it seems so different? We also road-tested some new material and did some recording in Melbourne and Perth.

I think actually scoring something could be fun.