I wasn’t able to get the CD image I burnt from the iso to work. There are some companies that charge very high rates for the coverage they offer. Know what the current selling price is for auto insurance by asking the insurance agent entertaining you. Table of Contents About Ath5k. Just installed the madwifi stuff. We have kerneldocs available for ath5k: Please run the ubuntu forums wireless script github.

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Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_ATH_CARDS: Atheros Wireless Cards

I’d have to reboot to get the wifi connection back. Here’s my network info: Wifi requires higher signal strength to work.

I think you meant to say that Pavel should edit his question. August 19th, 8.

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ath5k – Debian Wiki

Anybody who knows the answer can you kindly respond? How is hiding SSID not “a bit” more secure? August 18th, 7. Done grep is already the newest version. August 16th, 4. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues? Wifi requires higher signal strength to work Thanks. So there’s some underlying problem for sure. Lid Switch [LID] [ 1.

Atheros 802.11a/bg PCI/PCI-E devices (ath5k)

Reboot the router after saving the change and retry to connect. Developers are encouraged to work using the git repository. Wifi requires higher signal strength to work Linuc news to report. Can now connect, but is running like a dog. The Linux kernel from version 2.

Know what the current selling price is for auto insurance by asking the insurance agent entertaining you. Things ath5k developers are currently working on, and other things to do: At one stage I had the nohwcrypt option set, but temporarily commented it out to retest. August 12th, 1.

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The wireless-testing tree – this is where the latest code can be found and what the develpers work with. Wireless not working on While wifi was down, I hooked up the ethernet cable and ran the wireless-script as you had suggested. Although the hidden ssid issue doesn’t seem to be related with the current problem, it can confuse the driver in other ways. I suggest you try web browsing with and without the setting.

USB hub found [ 1. I set these guys and rebooted. Didn’t seem to help.