I wanted that card but just couldn’t part with the money. What is a good sound card for linux? But I don’t care about that. In fact large containers contain spectral padding that can hold supersonic frequencies which interfere with audible ones, intermodulation making anything higher than 48 undesirable. Tue Jul 01, 2: Originally posted by insta: That output is very quiet, but it’s clean.

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Joined Apr Posts 2, This 7. with incoming google voice calls when I want to switch off speakers and have audio from the caller only on headphones.

Read full review Verified purchase: Or maybe with a massive amount of feedback which confirms it. What is a good sound card for linux? A whole mess of other computers-Tablets-Tech Toys. This item doesn’t belong on this page. We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process. Don’t use it as an insult. I just bought a Z79 ASRock mobo I figured that for the price it wouldn’t omgea too bad, but I was curious as to why the technical specs were nowhere to be found; now I know It’s a older card, but it’s aimed at the ‘prosumer’ market and is of good quality.


HT Omega is the card to have! Intel will come out with discrete graphics from it’s larrabee product. Does anyone have any light they can shed on this? The driver has gotten much faster, but they seem to be focusing on an exclusively 64 bit future not polishing the current situation.

Full driver support in X right now requires 3 oemga Sun Jun 29, 9: Also strikwr an unusual setup where Headphones can strikr separately from speakers and the inline speaker on off switch that comes with my Monsoon speakers works. Joined Aug Posts 74, I ran across this card recently.

HT Omega STRIKER 7.1 PCI (STRIKER7.1) Sound Card

Tempted to get one though. Also I’d linix to see if something like this is possible in OSS:. But hey, at least dmix works with it, which never did with my Audiophile.

On OSS4 it’s a little better even with vmix, up to 5 stereo sounds at a time, I think, but it’s still very lousy sound hardware, imo, after being spoiled by pure hardware mixing; I thought it was fairly common but looks like Creative is the only consumer card to have it for linux.


I wanted that card but just couldn’t part with the money. Like hardware midi on the sb cards.

What is a good sound card for linux? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Ironically, very expensive USB-based sound cards and break-out boxes are getting more and more popular. I’ve had two motherboards with optical out, one Intel and one nVidia, and both have just worked without too much fuss. Those Delta PCI stuff have been around for years now. Whatever comes on the mobo. Show Linud Show Less.

The physical card and the drives both installed without any issues. And those things have very poor latency performance and other bad characteristics.

HT OMEGA Stryker 7.1

No more crazy creative drivers. Can do surround sound easily, do ac3 pass through even. I can’t comment on other abilities of the card.