Pull the locking lever away from the socket and raising it to the upright position. Click the ReadMe to bring up a screen, and then click the Install Path at the bottom of the screen. The third jack is for Microphone. Do not use force. You must use an ATX power supply in order to use this feature. Package Contents Your motherboard package contains the following items:

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Install the edge connector of the expansion card into the slot.

PC Chip M863G M 863G Motherboard AMD socket A 462 PCI Lan VGA USB Sound DDR RAM

While installing, please wear a grounded wrist strap if possible. Push down the latches on both sides of the DIMM socket. See this chapter for information about locating JP2 and the setting options. Click the ReadMe to bring up a screen, and then click the Install M8633g at the bottom of the screen.

When the Save Changes and Exit dialog box appears, press Y to save and exit, or press N to return to the main menu. Once any of the installation procedures start, software is automatically installed in sequence. Installing Support Software 1. Enable this item if you plan to use the USB ports on this motherboard. The second jack is for stereo LineOut signal.


PC Chips M863G LAN VGA USB 2.0 Sound M 863G AMD socket A 462 Motherboard OVP NEW

Push the locking lever down and hook it under the latch on the edge of socket. You can install this motherboard in an ATX case. Press F1 to display a screen describing all key functions.

This item shows frequency of the CPU installed in your system. Use the cable provided to connect the drives to the floppy disk drive connector FDC1. This will decrease the time needed to boot the system.

If you connect two devices to a single cable, you must configure one of the drives as Master and one of the drives as Slave. Infrared Port The infrared port allows the wireless exchange of information between your computer and similarly equipped devices such as printers, laptops, Personal Digital Assistants PDAsand other computers. The installation program loads and displays the following screen. You can use a card reader to read or transfer files and digital images to your computer.

Never connect power to the system during installation; otherwise, it may damage the motherboard. This publication, including photographs, illustrations and software, is under the protection of international copyright laws, with all rights reserved.


MG (VA) PCCHIPS PC-CHIPS Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

You can run the setup utility and manually change the configuration. Any changes can affect the operation of your computer. To configure an IDE n863g disk drive, choose Auto. Unhook the locking lever of the CPU socket. A software menu appears. Click the Next button. It is recommended that you leave this item at the default value.

If you enable power management, you can use the items below to set the power management operation. The first jack is for stereo Line-In signal. Please see the following illustration. Di questa scheda madre sono stati sviluppati due modelli: If you enable this item, the system starts up more quickly be elimination some of the power on test routines. Press F9 to install the setup utility with a set of default values.